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December 03, 2008


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OMG. I am horrified. It's so much easier to be a bad parent than to make an effort. For shame on those parents - they should have said something to you OR them. Preferably BOTH!


You handled that way better than I would have. There would have been tears. Lots of them. And not mine.

As someone who is childless by choice, I have NO patience for ill-behaved children with disinterested, ineffectual parents. Of course, I have no patience with ill-behaved adults, either!


As someone who has a kid, I echo what Linda said. I have zero patience for any kid (mine or others) who is that appallingly behaved. And even less patience or understanding for the parents.


Oh wow. Just...WOW. That's truly appalling! Now, I have kids that age, and I know how they act, but you can bet I'd have been all over mine to be near me, not running around and shrieking, etc. I can't believe the parents didn't respond. Amazing.

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