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May 19, 2009


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Definitely not an incoherent jumble of stream-of-consciousness. Well said!

red pen mama

This is a great post, and I think it applies to any woman who wants to look put together. It takes a serious time investment and learning about color and what flatters you. I recently spent about four hours in a department store, sans children, to update my wardrobe. I tried on a lot of clothes in different sizes and colors -- and I would be one of those "straight-sized" women you refer to. Every BODY is different; one has to learn what works for hers.

You always look great in the clothes you choose. Good luck in being healthy and getting into the shape you want.



This is an excellent post, not only for plus-size women, but for every woman. Too often we let others define us, and you've done a great job showing how we can define ourselves instead. Bravo. And btw, you always look fabulous.


I think the idea that you dress for the body you *have* is so important! It seems to me that finding clothes that fit and flatter, whatever your size or shape, is such a self-loving act!


Excellent, in all ways, for *all* women! Thank you!


Great post. You know how I have been stuggling with how my body has changed. Although I've never been happy with my size this helps put it in perspective a bit :)

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