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August 27, 2009


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For me, there has to be some value added to my following a business on social media. If it's just advertising and spam and "buy from us!" it's just cluttering up my friend page, or timeline or whatever. I want discussions of the product or services by consumers, with reactions from appropriate company representatives, updates from the company on new or changed products or services, and maybe a little goody for being their friend, follower or subscriber.

To give a more concrete example, I have a local organic pizza place as a friend on Facebook. They announce weekly specials, they're running a contest where they've asked customers to take a picture of themselves eating their pizza, and they recently announced new additions to their gluten-free menu. Plus they offer specials you can only get by saying you saw it on their FB page. Their page never feels spammy, just friendly and informative. To me, that's a perfect use of social media by a business.

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