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April 04, 2011


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WI GrandSons of Liberty

A Wisconsin company was hired to produce the calls for WI GrandSons of Liberty. They use a bank of phones with multiple numbers to facilitate the calls. The calls are routed through servers that are assigned numbers from a bank and not by geography (or so the company has explained to us).

Sorry to hear that you received 4 calls - we will inform the Milwaukee based company of this problem.


WIGOL: I appreciate you taking the time to comment & explain. I understand the technology, but I still think it sends an unfortunate message to the people who are called from out-of-state numbers. And it's a basic business principle: For every person who actually complains, you have something like 25 others who have the same complaint but don't say anything. Just something to think about.

In any case, thanks for stopping by!

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